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Today’s Message is Titled, “Misunderstood Bible Quote!”

It is quoted by Jesus in the Bible that, “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God,” I never understood that quote, since I was a teen. I thought, probably like so many others, that it is impossible to enter the kingdom of God. I mean come on, literally passing through the eye of a needle, who would believe that, that’s crazy, and that’s what I believed, it never made sense to me and I think it doesn’t make sense to most people around the world. 

Truth is, I never researched this quote or thought about it again until now. Honestly, I did a lot of bad things in my life but way more good things. The bad stuff probably would not have happened, if I would have researched the passing through the needle quote sooner, but I probably would not have learned from as many mistakes, so who knows? Figuring it all out is like how hard it was to find the knowledge taught in personal development and secret societies. Alright, confession time, I was addicted to the game, connect the dots as a child, and now I can’t stop connecting everything. Check out all of my social media posts to find out more @ worldpres.org 

Unless you dig deep, research, and study personal development you will never know how to live the ideal lifestyle, currently enjoyed by only 1% to 3% of the world’s population. My favorite thing about the stories and information in personal development is how so much of it relates to the bible. Pretty sure, I am not the only one who can testify to that. 

About 20 years ago now, a family member asked me this question, after another learning experience “what’s wrong with you?” And it hurt my heart because it was the first time I realized, wow I let my family down and the worst part was, knowing at that moment, “they all know what I did.” The sad part is, “I had no idea at the time, why I did it.” 

I remember Bob Proctor saying in my personal development studies about 6 years ago something similar. He used to make a lot of bad choices too, in the Navy. When they would ask him, “why did you do that Bob,” he would say, “I don’t know,” they would ask him, “why did you do that,” he would say, “I don’t know why,” they would ask and ask and he would keep saying the same thing. Well, I think I can answer that question, not only for Bob Proctor and I, but also for most of the people around the world. Most of us did bad things in our past, some worse things then others, because we thought it is impossible to enter the kingdom of God. I mean how is a camel suppose to literally pass through a needle, that’s ubsurd. Then, we all slowly started losing hope and slowly but surely, drifting through life, like a ship without a rudder, destined for ship wreak. If it’s impossible to enter God’s kingdom, what the point, it was like we were just a bunch of stuck couch potatoes going nowhere and we continued rolling further and further off course, not making the right choices, until now and here we are, ready for war. War doesn’t have to always be answer because today I am here to let everyone in the world know that we still have hope and we will always have hope always and forever, that includes the people that are not here yet. All beings will always have the hope of entering our eternal destination and finally have the ultimate peace everyone deserves.  I realized something most important today, that is from the Bible and I am about 97% to 99% sure that it is not taught in any church’s or school’s or anywhere. The translation of what Jesus would have said, if he was teaching the world, instead of teaching in Jerusalem. Jesus would have said, IT IS EASIER FOR A CAMEL TO GO THROUGH THE NARROW GATEWAY THAT LEADS INTO JERUSALEM, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God, and I bet it is easy for that camel to get through the gateway. Isn’t it amazing, how Jesus was actually teaching in Jerusalem here on Earth, isn’t it amazing how we can use our imaginations and picture that. Jesus was trying to help that particular group in Jerusalem understand this truth, the best way he thought they would comprehend it, in their time. 

In modern times a lot of things have changed, knowledge today is increasing at a faster pace then ever before, in our history. It is truly an exciting time to be alive. Planet Earth is a different world, since Jesus was alive, teaching people the good news, they didn’t think or act the same way we do today. Maybe we should keep updating the Bible for future generations to better understand it!

After realizing this simple but worldly misunderstood truth today, I laid in the tub and confessed to my higher powers all the bad things that I’ve done, that probably would not have happened, if this eternal truth was taught properly in modern times. The truth is that there will always be hope, the hope of God’s kingdom. The best thing we can do for ourselves and the world is to continually work on becoming better individuals, holistically, daily. So, I asked for forgiveness and my higher powers reminded me that we all are already forgiven of our sins, through the blood of Jesus, on the cross, eternally. Bless us all higher powers! Repent now for the time is near!

Created by Juan Michael Valence Junior 

P.S., a little humor goes a long way, so here goes nothing. Why is it so hard to enter God’s kingdom? I’ll tell you why, “It’s so hard because of the new black tape army of sexy women, lol.” They’re all black, white, and too sexy but no asians, hmmm? “I like asian women!” Quoted by Juan Michael Valence Junior. I hope that’s not too dirty, don’t take it serious, it’s just a joke, it’s a haha joke, kind of like the jokes that Joel Osteen tells before every message, just a little dirtier. Also, please try harder to lighten up a bit, stop taking everything so serious, try to enjoy your short life here on this planet as much as possible, before the transition of our spirits into the eternal realm. World Peace!

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