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The thrown at the Vatican Church in Rome was originally meant to be empty not anymore, Pastor Steve, is preaching about something that already happened I think the pope is the Anti-Christ, Joe Kern, or Dr. Evil that now seats on the thrown there? Is that true?

Did the original founders of the Vatican Thrown sit on it because they did not understand the true meaning of God like we understand God today? Were they still trying to understand God like we understand God today? And realized that God is Energy, not a person? And used the thrown to represent God without someone on it? Scientists thought atoms were the smallest particle in the universe but with today’s technology we now understand that the smallest particle in our universe is energy, that is holding the atom together, which can never be created or destroyed = God

We do not know what energy will do, it is unpredictable, we do know that we are terminals through which it flows. The mind, body, and spirit tapping into an infinite source of infinite energy. Only brought to our attention when we are in harmonious vibrations, on an even keel, or frequency level with it! Then we observe, how it wants to express itself? Eternally becoming an updated expression of itself.

7.333 x 3 = 22

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