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Character is an important quality for success! We need to have it in order to succeed but where do we find it? Are we born with it or is it intertwined in our DNA structure? Some individuals think success is only for people with a specific genetic makeup, I do not believe in any such thing. I believe God created everyone equal, with unlimited potentials and character is one of those qualities that help us unlock our potentials. This one word “character,” is extremely important because it branches off into many different areas. We really must get serious and focus on ourselves, in order to improve the big “C” word, before we loss ourselves! Ask yourself questions to improve your character such as: What is your attitude like? Who are you associating with? Are you letting things outside of your control bother you? Do you have emotional balance in your life? What are you doing today to improve your character? If you lost your character, how are you going to get it back. Are you replaying memories of bad negative situations, instead of replaying good positive situations? The way we respond to all situations, builds character. I think a lot of people think their character suffers when they fail in different situations. What we should do is realize that failure is an important step in your character growth process to make it to the next level. You should be happy to a certain extent when you fail because that means you learned something new. It’s important to understand, no one really gets things right on their first tries at doing something new, we must keep doing it, in order to become better, just make sure you’re doing it the right way. Even experienced people and professionals mess up all the time, it’s okay, block out the negative chatter, affirm positive thoughts inside and continue what you’re doing! The best thing to do is learn from it and move on. So, next time you see someone fail just encourage them to do better or you may have to step in and help them along, until they can do it on their own. The truth is God does not remember or think about your past failures, so forget about it and move on, every day is a new day, a new start to your life and it is up to you to make it the best it can be, by putting forth your best effort all the time! Always focus on the positive no matter what happens because it all happens for a reason, to get you from where you are, to where you are supposed to be. For example, today I was on my way to get coffee from the gas station and I was delayed, then rerouted to a different area. The area I was rerouted to was farther and I did not want to wait, I wanted the coffee now. Now, in the past before I had a clearer understanding about myself, the way my mind operates, through personal development, that would have ruined my day. Today, I can think myself through different situations in a positive light, which improves my attitude, character, and confidence for greater chances at success, promotions, and more production in other areas. I will let you in on a secret about how I thought myself through the coffee example and you can use this technique in all situations. Most people get upset when they don’t get what they want, when they want it right and that is the way I use to be. Today, I think of the reasons why in a positively, knowing God is always there directing and guiding me in the right direction. Believe, everything in the universe is in play to help us get what we want, in the best way. And yes, by the way, the coffee was better at the other gas station. I could tell you plenty stories pertaining to the last reference, confirming what the bible says about God always helping those who believe, and I am positive others do as well, just google it. When you have faith in your higher power, you can always feel good, knowing where you are is where you are supposed to be. I always know that I am at the right place at the right time because I surrendered my life to my higher power, who has all power throughout the universe and guides my life. The bible says, “no weapon formed against me will prosper.” There is nothing that the enemy can do that will ever be enough to stop God’s purpose for your life, again from the bible. Building good habits is also a big topic because as our character is constantly being tested, we are always learning and growing, absorbing new information. This life is absolutely an amazing journey, when you stop and think about it, it has so many things going on at once, it incredible! Just think about how we grow a little every day holistically and getting better, think about after a month, after a year, our progression compared to where we were, that’s incredible too. What about all the times you told yourself, wow I did not see that coming or I did not see myself doing this or I did not see myself being in this position a couple of months ago. Everyone should be eagerly anticipating what’s coming, excited about their future because who know what could happen. I like the saying, “we think in secrets and it comes to pass the world is but our looking glass.” I get excited every time I think about my secrets manifesting in this physical world! What do you want to manifest? Something else we could get excited about is other’s achievements and help them get there. Achievement is an important branch that is connected to the character tree. You need to be totally focused on that, obsessed with what you want to achieve. I think everyone wants to achieve something in their own lives, better yet I think everyone want to achieve more than just something, I think everyone wants to achieve a lot. What does it take to achieve something great? I’ll tell you what it takes, it mainly takes commitment and persistence, everything else will come along the way. What are the exact activities that must be worked on? How often? It all goes back to, reflection of your plans, you need to have a solid game plan. You should always know exactly what needs to be done for that day and how much time it takes. Break plans down into small parts per day, per activity, thinking about what activity must be done today. Do not rush, take your time and complete one activity at a time, “you are the one in control of your activities.” Ask yourself, “Am I working on the right things to meet my goals?” I mean you must write out your goals physically, type them out, get them on paper. Once all your goals are on paper, you can file them away in a safe spot to review later, save notes on your iPhone, iPad, desktop, laptop, some device, somewhere. Then, review them to come up with better plans. Stick with your plans, stay on them and work on them, until you reach achievement! The lessons learned as a result of working your plans, will be what contributes to building an unbreakable character, more than anything else! Consider reevaluating your activities only working on the things that are productive and not on what is deductive. Are you off doing a multitude of different activities that is not contributing to your growth, activities that is going to delay your achievements to the point of quitting? All very important points that we need to ponder. A ton of questions arise when we are dealing with this simple word and many people can easily slide off track, move into complicated rough waters, without ever realizing what happened, that is why we really must take these issues serious. If we don’t take them serious, “Well that’s too bad,” is what you’re going to hear because by that time, yes you guessed it, it’s too late, then you get off track, you wasted time, lost focus, panic sets in, and anxiety. That is about the time when people get confused, frustrated, and move on to something else and the vicious cycle starts over. That is why it is so vitally important to take your time in the beginning of a new project, come up with a sound plan and a sound back up plans, with detailed plans about your plans. Do research on your plans, compare them, edit and duplicate them, add on to your plans, scale and scale higher for the best results. Set smaller goals from your plans, on your way to bigger goals! I always like when it’s time to delete smaller goals reached because it builds momentum, like paying off the smallest credit card first, it gives me a sense of satisfaction and I gain energy that boost me towards completing my big goals. Important side note, once you pay off those credit cards, get rid of them and never use them again. Now, I would like to take the time to give recognition to everyone for a tuff job well done because the truth is, we are all building character every day if we like it or not. We are always doing a job on our character through our beliefs, ethics, attitudes, and obedience’s. The question is, are we building a good character or a bad character. Congratulations, I pray your character gets better, stronger, as we grow into this new age. World Peace!

Published by BlogFan Networker I am a single father of a wonderful son who loves his family. Growing up I focused on sports and academics that taught me how to work hard, be loyal, and stay focused. I was fortunate enough to receive two state championships my senior year, one for football and the other for baseball. Today, I still work hard to complete every assignment to the best of my ability. I stayed focus throughout my years in college and faced a variety of situations that helped me experience what the world has to offer, growing pains contributed to growing into a mature, intelligent, intuitive individual. Gym, church, and operating my business from home keeps me busy most the time. The pieces of my life puzzle are coming together as I continue to focus on making better decisions every day. No, I'm not perfect, think or act like I am smarter than anyone else, but I do work on being the best that I can be every day. I also like to help other people get better through personal development channels, even if they are not doing so good today, we always pray for a better tomorrow, better week, better year, a better life and world for everyone including future generations. The best thing you can do in your life is make the world a better place, by providing the best service to as many people as possible, without thinking about compensation because you will always get back what you put out into the universe. One of my hobbies is networking with other likeminded individuals who share secrets to living the best life. Today, I am grateful for all my families’ blessings, and we praise God all the time for the good things that are happening in our lives. We attend church every Sunday because a family that prays together and plays together stays together. Finally, struggles are a fact of life, but with a strong support system we can become stronger by the minute. Hope all your wishes come true, and they will if you can only believe! Thanks for reading! World Peace! Favorite Quote "Whatever the mind can conceive and bring itself to believe will begin at once to unveil itself in the most convenient forms available!" Favorite Books "Think and Grow Rich," "The Magic of Believing," "The Secret," "The Science of Getting Rich."

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