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Setting goals is just as important as “visualizing what you want.” Get a mentor to help you, get someone more experienced than you, involved in what you are involved with, that will teach you a thing or two. Make sure it is someone or some company that will respond, the right personnel you can contact, with your questions. These contacts of business associates and companies must be reputable, with history and positive reviews. I used to use company’s like this all the time to get my questions answered, google and alexa will also be more than happy to assist you too. Another important aspect to success is watching training videos, not just once but as many times as your time allows. A study was done with the U.S. Government and the results showed that the higher up the ladder you go, the less television watching occurs and the more training videos are being studied along with beneficial book reading. So, soak up all the training information you can, as much knowledge as possible and you will be on your way to beat me to the top. Remember, leaders are always readers and the bigger your personal library, the more successful you will be. Then, apply what you learn in all aspects of your life. No one has any reason they should not be moving in the direction of greater success, everything you need is on the internet, it is all about who has the desire to apply themselves. We cannot change the results on the outside until we get better on the inside. Positivism is the keyword, positive groups, positive social media post, and positive associates with positive attitudes will catapult you into a new level of living. Also, a great idea is to get positive inspiration CD’s to pop in on your short and long drives, the more positive information you allow into your subconscious mind, the easier your climb to the top will be. Your climb to the top will not be easy, obviously think about it as climbing up a mountain, not a mountain in Tennessee but a mountain in Colorado, what about a mountain in Japan, China or the Himalayan Mountains, this advice will help you along the way. It is okay to be brain washed by this information because it is for your own good. I want you to understand life is not a game to waste time, we are against opponents that want to wipe mine and your future generations off the planet, they want you to beg for mercy, they are not your friends, they do not care about you, and they do not want you to have anything positive. If you think I am just paranoid or something, just go to any church and let them help you understand what I am writing about. It is up to you to make it easier for you and your future generations, the more successful you become, the more successful they become. It is not easy to achieve something worthwhile; it will never be easy. There will always be times when your mind gets stuck or goes blank. So, when this happens, get up and go for a jog, get the blood flowing simultaneously with all those potential positive thoughts flowing in your mind. Don’t let yourself get clogged up and stressed out, this is going to take you feeling free, feeling loose, and feeling good. If you have to take a break, do a meditation, take care of something else, go on a hike to get reconnected with nature. There are plenty techniques that we can use to feel better and get the creative power flowing again. One example is to soak up the sun, having layers of clothes on is okay because the radiation from the sun goes through your clothes and helps you feel better. Another example is to take a walk without any shoes or socks on, on the grass or at the beach, of course you must first make sure that your path is clean. The easy thing to do is give up, then you will feel terrible because you will always be wondering “what would have happened if I kept on pushing myself.” Another great way to feel freer is to let your mind and thoughts run wild, let them run right down past your brain, through the neck, right into your shoulders, down to your arms, all the way to your hand, causing you to exercise your fingers, to move that pen. Drop those powerful thoughts down on some paper! Type it, save it, love it, cherish it! I will tell you what will happen if you write down all your, thoughts, goals, all your things to do, pushing yourself and always taking one more step in the right direction, you will succeed is what will happen. Do not give in to thoughts bringing you down, negative thoughts, and negative people. Get rid of it, cut that out of your life forever. I will tell you from experience, setting goals is important, any goals, I mean small goals and big goals, sky’s the limit. The only limit we have is the ones we put on ourselves. Write it down, every chance you get but if you are like me write them down quickly, so you remember them, make sure you always have something to write with, a small pad or a notebook will do the trick, carry it with you throughout your entire day. I have heard it said that thoughts are like slippery fish, if you don’t write them down, they will be gone forever. That is why I never leave the house without my sword; my sword is my pen, I never leave the house without my pen, notepad, and my goal card. Please do not let another good thought pass you by and be lost forever, you can use it and so can we. By completing one or two or three goals every so often, you will feel a little better, working your way toward feeling a lot better. The best part about writing out your goals is crossing them off the list once you complete them. This process is very gratifying, also making the right choices on your journey will help you feel better too. Do not let fear or laziness run over you like a dump truck, get control back in your life, controlling our destiny and our future is the objective. If you want to be successful anywhere, in anything, it will be 100% up to you. “Let your will be done,” is what the bible says! God blesses! World peace!

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