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Do you know the last time you achieved something worth talking about? I am 100% sure you do, and I will bet, I am 100% sure you remember the great feeling of accomplishment you had after you achieved it. Let me ask you something else, is there something in your life that you are trying to achieve now? How are you staying motivated to reach that goal? You and I both know it takes hard work and long-term dedication to achieve something important to you. I know everyone is running their own race, and no one has the right to pass judgments on anyone, except for the ones who are qualified to do so. I also know everyone in the world is trying to achieve something and I know everyone loves to see or hear about someone achieving something. So, I guess that means we all have something in common, in some kind of way. Sense we all agree on this because it just makes sense, doesn’t it make more sense to do everything in your own power to make yourself an expert in the area of good positive advice to give other people the best advice possible. Is there something in your life that you are trying to achieve right now? If there is, giving and receiving words of encouragement goes a long way. Do everything in your power to help them get their set goals completed and you will reach yours. What are you doing to help others achieve their goals? I personally challenge everyone to grow intellectually on the inside, so you can help as many people as you can on the outside. Just because you are finished college does not mean you can stop studying. After college you are supposed to continue growing, getting better, and studying self-development material. Your income becomes directly related to the amount of people you provide service to over time, that’s right if you want to earn more, you must provide more service. No more excuses for not providing enough service anymore because you can reach out to an unlimited number of people anytime anywhere, with today’s technology. Did you know it takes 21 times of doing something before it becomes a habit, then you must keep doing it. Build good habits, get into successful positive habits, that way you and the person that needs your help can live a more for-filled positive life. Remember, the right practice makes perfect, perfect practice makes perfect! Always evaluate what you are practicing! Be aware of people that want to bring you down to their level, never empower people, negative people, that discourage you on your path to achievement, believe me they will try to destroy you. Always be aware, only accept positivity into your mind, you control your own mind and follow the most positive successful leaders. They will use all kinds of different mind games to make themselves feel better, that is why spiritual enlightenment is so important because it helps you see right through their nonsense. Just stay focused on what you need to do, to get to where you need to get and do not get distracted, stay focused on your goals. Some people even go as far as using the bible against you. My favorite is, “money is the root of all evil,” and “what good is it to gain the world and lose your soul,” let me explain. These verses in the bible are just small parts of an entire chapter. First let me explain the one about money, money is not the root of all evil because we can do an unlimited amount of good in the world with unlimited amounts of money. Correction, the love of money is the root of all evil, that’s why we are supposed to love people and use money. Second, about gaining the world, that is about being greedy and not caring about others. We can gain large amounts of possessions, that’s okay because God wants to bless us like kings and queens, that’s in the bible but only if your heart is in the right place. The more blessings we get, the more we can bless others. We are made in God’s image, we are created by God, connected to God, and God wants to treat us like relatives. Now, you want the best for your family like God, I know I do! Start by working on yourself, then go out and bless as many people as possible with the good news! Help them too! Achievement answered and is waiting for you to reply! World Peace!

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I am a single father of a wonderful 14 year old son who loves his family, and strives to inspire them all. Growing up I focused on sports and academics that taught me how to work hard, stay loyal, and focused. I was fortunate enough to receiving two state championships my senior year, right before I graduated, one for football and the other baseball. Today, I am still determined and focused to complete every assignment and project to the best of my ability. Throughout my years in college, I faced a variety of situations that helped me experience what the world has to offer, growing pains contributed to growing into a mature, intelligent, intuitive individual. Gym, church, my businesses and studying training materials on personal development leaders from around the world is my daily activities. The pieces of my life puzzle are coming together as I continue to focus on holistic healing, and making better decisions everyday. No, I'm not perfect, or think and act like I am smarter than you but I do work on being the best that I can be. I also like to help other people get better, even if they are not doing good today. One of my hobbies is networking with other like minded marketers who share different ideas about secrets to succeed in life. Today, I am grateful for all of my families’ blessings, and we praise god all the time with prayer for the good things that are happening in our lives. My family and I attend church every Sunday because a family that prays together stays together. Finally, struggles are a fact of life, but with a strong support system we can become stronger by the day. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true! Thanks for reading!

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