“It’s Time To Know The Truth”

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The time is “know” because you have to know in these current times, to get ahead in this world! What do you have to know? Well let me give a little insight! What does the word knowledge begin with, ding ding, I think you guessed it “KNOW.” You see, most people think because school is over, you can stop studying new knowledge but the truth is, you should learn new knowledge until the day you die.

By going online building good habits, researching ways to get better, we could make our lives a lot easier. The reward for a successful time management plan is personal growth and achievement, which guides us along the path toward reaching our goals. Statistics show more opportunities for workers with goals, who care about the company they work with, care about their coworkers and regularly spend time training, compared to workers that just go to work for a check and don’t care. The main purpose for reaching goals in life is to get the things we want and need, if we keep working at it long enough with persistent effort, we can really have whatever we want in your life. Learning new skills will contribute to increased rewards, ultimately resulting in promotions to perform at higher levels. Recognition is a motivating factor for gaining the required knowledge that will lead to a more desirable position in life, while receiving inspiration from other successful people that have reached their goals in life. Ultimately, fueling the desire to continue training and contributing training in the marketplace, making us more valuable.

Staying organized is also at the top of the priority list, filing away important information from previous projects for future reference, contributing to a better time management plan. My advice is to break up these activities, complete them one at a time, a few each day of the week, days that best fit your schedule, instead of trying to complete everything in one day. I have a type A personality, so I go as far as to break down all my days into small parts too, making it easier to finish each individual task throughout the week in less time, with more confidence and a positive attitude. I’ll admit my past could have been more in tune with a perfect time management plan, goal setting, and more focus toward the proper knowledge. After numerous personal defeats, I started searching for ways out, that was around the time when my mind became opened to receive all the powerful personal development information. For example, in the past I would get overwhelmed with negative thoughts to the point that I could not concentrate on my work, so I would do less and less work, until eventually giving up on my assignments. Then, I would rationalize with myself and make up excuses why, such as: Why did I even start this in the first place? Why am I trying to do better? Is this what I want to do with the rest of my life? Am I wasting my time? I would dwell on past failures, making my situation worse. Trying to justify the fact that I gave up, just got me nowhere. Instead of understanding and realizing my previous failures were lessons that propelled me to where I am today, moving me toward my goals with an increase of knowledge.

Combating negative thoughts with positive affirmations is one way to overcome mental challenges. Affirmations are positive statements made to yourself or out loud repeated every day and written. Most of the time our words and phrases are thought of before they are spoken, don’t you agree. Do you think of a negative word or phrase first or a positive word or phrase first? If you think of a negative word or phrase first don’t be alarmed, even though that should set off alarms in your mind. Don’t worry we have all been programmed since birth to think and act a certain way and most of us do it unconsciously. It was up my responsibility to understand what was going on and reprogram my faulty software for better results. Immediately, after learning about this concept, I began reading more books about the subject of personal development, listening to the audios relating to each book and the more I read and listened, the more I wanted to read and listen. Each principle builds upon the other with references to more books with greater insight. Some examples some of the principles taught in these courses are; how to turn a negative thought in to a positive one, how to boost your focus, and how to boost concentration, etc. for greater clarity of your desires and purpose in life. It was like I struck a mental gold mind; my eyes and ears were open for the first time in a long time. I had no idea the amount of knowledge out there to enjoy, a lot of the principles taught in personal development are also in the bible, making them even more enjoyable. It seems to me that personal development is like an instruction manual that comes in a box, systematic living instructions that help you persist past any challenge in life, life’s easy to understand instruction manuals. Now, I know how to empower myself and build up the energy needed to break through hidden walls, the imaginary walls that appear and try to stop us along the way to a more abundant life. Presently, my life is getting better every day, it’s more in tune with my major goals from practicing these reliable principles for so long, daily. Now, I do not reflect on bad things that happened in the past over and over again, I speak and write inspiring word, constantly listening to and reading anything positive, soaking up all that positivity, growing my positive ball of energy bigger and bigger, for the best future possible. Today, I know exactly where I want to go and how to get there. Since I started going back to church in 2015, I have grown spiritually, reconnecting with god but I know I have always been connected to god, even when I stopped attending church. Now, it seems like I am always at the right place at the right time, doing the right thing. As a result, I am more comfortable in public places, with feelings of acceptance, belonging, and confidence to complete anything life throws my way. For assistance in accomplishing my life’s purpose I use the following words: I am intelligent, I am creative, I am enthusiastic, I am a spiritual being, etc. This is what Jesus mentioned in the bible, they are I am affirmations, we are what we think we are. Just like the person who eventually wins is the ones who think they can. I am continually updating or reprogramming my mind for the best results in life possible, saying things like I am a winner, I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy. Think of it as coaching yourself, I mean your not going to find the coach of a team anywhere telling their players negative remarks and expecting to win right, NO. You are going to hear and see them speaking positive word of encouragement with passion because they want to WIN. I know you want to win in this game of life, so learn how to coach yourself. Stop being so critical toward yourself and others, they are probably on your team and we want our team to win. I’m not perfect, nobody is, everybody makes mistakes, so learn from them, forgive other people, let them go and move on! Doesn’t it make more sense to help them to win because then you win!

In conclusion the most important section of this blog was time management planning, I recommend you go back and review that section. My favorite part is how to break down my daily, weekly, and monthly activities into smaller blocks of time, to accomplish more work in less time, with more confidence and a positive attitude. My future goals and plans for my life stems from my mind by thinking. We are all creative beings and we can create whatever we want in our own lives. You have the power to make life work for you, you must always be thinking of ways to improve, making yourself better, thinking about the right move. This life is kind of like a game and our opponent doesn’t tolerate procrastination, it’s a game of time and it wants to take all your pieces off the board, it’s up to you, to learn how to win. Commit to strengthening your mind and being cautious with what goes in it, scanning for the right information, permitting yourself to look forward with expectancy, ultimately cracking the code for your life! Just like in school we must continue studying, attending, participating, taking notes, and completing assignments for the rest of our lives, if we want to keep up with the highest scores in the game of life. So, always put forth your best effort, relying on god’s favor, knowing everything will be alright! Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you have the best, happiest holiday season! God blesses!

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https://worldpres.org I am a single father of a wonderful son who loves his family. Growing up I focused on sports and academics that taught me how to work hard, be loyal, and stay focused. I was fortunate enough to receive two state championships my senior year, one for football and the other for baseball. Today, I still work hard to complete every assignment to the best of my ability. I stayed focus throughout my years in college and faced a variety of situations that helped me experience what the world has to offer, growing pains contributed to growing into a mature, intelligent, intuitive individual. Gym, church, and operating my business from home keeps me busy most the time. The pieces of my life puzzle are coming together as I continue to focus on making better decisions every day. No, I'm not perfect, think or act like I am smarter than anyone else, but I do work on being the best that I can be every day. I also like to help other people get better through personal development channels, even if they are not doing so good today, we always pray for a better tomorrow, better week, better year, a better life and world for everyone including future generations. The best thing you can do in your life is make the world a better place, by providing the best service to as many people as possible, without thinking about compensation because you will always get back what you put out into the universe. One of my hobbies is networking with other likeminded individuals who share secrets to living the best life. Today, I am grateful for all my families’ blessings, and we praise God all the time for the good things that are happening in our lives. We attend church every Sunday because a family that prays together and plays together stays together. Finally, struggles are a fact of life, but with a strong support system we can become stronger by the minute. Hope all your wishes come true, and they will if you can only believe! Thanks for reading! World Peace! Favorite Quote "Whatever the mind can conceive and bring itself to believe will begin at once to unveil itself in the most convenient forms available!" Favorite Books "Think and Grow Rich," "The Magic of Believing," "The Secret," "The Science of Getting Rich." https://worldpres.org

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