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A high position held that produces awards are not given away; they must be earned through determination and persistence. In order to acquire a position that could be awarded, we must be determined and focused on persistent action. By devoting time and focused attention on a mentor and the best leaders, we will have the required sources of information, and vast knowledge to improve to higher positions and receive outstanding awards. Continue to study and take action, no matter if the results of those actions bring good results or not so good results, consequently always moving toward what you want. Keeping notes of everything you learn is important words to remember, it’s important to write everything down on paper and keep note on your phone, so you can keep these new ideas fresh on your mind. Also, constantly checking your to do list, short term and long term goals list, and a new calendar or WordPress calendar on a regular basis, will allow you to complete activities with less pressure. These activities previously mentioned will bring you more enjoyment when it’s time to complete your daily work and activities.

Now let’s dig a little deeper, what motivates you? Are you persistent? My family, recognition from a job well done, and the study of new knowledge, knowledge that will makes people better, is my motivation.  Over the past few years I have become more persistent because of my self-development plan of self-education, through personal and professional development. What are you working on to get better? Remember what Jim Rohn says, “Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make a fortune.” We must continue educating ourselves for a brighter more prosperous future. Today, when faced with a stumbling block I know that it is the result of a lack of not knowing, now I turn that into a steppingstone, with positive self-talk statements and a step by step plan to overcome that particular issue. A step by step plan of action will increase confidence because you know how to solve it and if you stick to that plan, it’s just a matter of time before you get to check it off your list. Finally, after you get to check things off your lists when they are completed, well that’s the fun part.

Presently, I am still practicing holistic healing every day, I believe practicing holistic health and healing everyday of your life will make you stronger than the world, you will be able to conquer your fears and every challenge. Holistic healing is one of my favorite forms of healing, be aware this form of healing will cause you to become very passionate about yourself, your life, and others. It is concentrating all your heart, mind, and soul on the whole body, healing all areas of your life spiritually, intellectually, and physically, to become the best you that you can be. Holistic healing is the idea that once you reach a peak in each area with no lack in one or the other, you will have reached an ultimate successful life and you must maintain that peak in each area to remain successful. Being your best spiritually by attending church studying the bible and listening to the right spiritual messages, intellectually through reading an inspirational book with positive encouragement every day and listening to that audio book or a related audio book along with mental exercises and repeated affirmations, physically by working your physical body for increased strength lifting weights to boost muscle mass and running to increase endurance, all contributing to enhancing your energy vibrations to reach higher levels of consciousness connecting in harmony with higher frequencies. Running outside occasionally is also highly encouraged because we live longer feel better when our bodies absorb the suns radiation. An interesting side note is that studies have shown we feel better fast when looking at things far away. These ideas are just a taste of what is waiting for anyone who would like to learn how to make themselves better with personal growth and development, plus much more! Thanks for reading! Have an amazingly blessed life with success!

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I am a single father of a wonderful 14 year old son who loves his family, and strives to inspire them all. Growing up I focused on sports and academics that taught me how to work hard, stay loyal, and focused. I was fortunate enough to receiving two state championships my senior year, right before I graduated, one for football and the other baseball. Today, I am still determined and focused to complete every assignment and project to the best of my ability. Throughout my years in college, I faced a variety of situations that helped me experience what the world has to offer, growing pains contributed to growing into a mature, intelligent, intuitive individual. Gym, church, my businesses and studying training materials on personal development leaders from around the world is my daily activities. The pieces of my life puzzle are coming together as I continue to focus on holistic healing, and making better decisions everyday. No, I'm not perfect, or think and act like I am smarter than you but I do work on being the best that I can be. I also like to help other people get better, even if they are not doing good today. One of my hobbies is networking with other like minded marketers who share different ideas about secrets to succeed in life. Today, I am grateful for all of my families’ blessings, and we praise god all the time with prayer for the good things that are happening in our lives. My family and I attend church every Sunday because a family that prays together stays together. Finally, struggles are a fact of life, but with a strong support system we can become stronger by the day. Hope all your dreams and wishes come true! Thanks for reading!

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