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Do you know that we all have 3 to 7 dreams per night and 90 percent of them are not remembered after we wake up? We do not have a choice; we must dream while asleep. Do you know that premonition dreams are insights about what dreams may come true soon! Have you ever wondered about your dreams? What about the dreams meaning? I do all the time and we could even interpret our dreams free online! As strangely unrealistic as it may seem, the other night in my dream, I believe our almighty God gave me some insight into the afterlife and what dreams really mean.

The sensical truth is, it was not an ordinary dream because I woke up the next morning with a sense of knowing something that I did not know before that night. I know everybody has heard the saying, “our lives are like a mist, we are here one day and then we’re gone.” That is a reason I think, we should cherish every day, here on earth, living with passion for the work and goals we desire to accomplish, if you want your life to be like a dream come true. It is all right you can have courage when it comes to our unexplainable God, the bible says, “ask and you shall receive,” so really ask to accomplish big goals. I prayed and my awesome God dropped an amazing new opportunity on my lap, where I can earn extra income instantly easy just visit and you will see! 

Do you know that it takes just as much energy to accomplish a big goal as it does a small one! “Dream big dreams.” Life goes by too fast; we do not have time to get off track; time is the most valuable commodity because we cannot get it back. Create a plan for reaching your goals in life and stick to that plan through the good times and the tough times. I know that most people want to stay here forever but we all know that is not the case. Unfortunately, one day, we all must move on to the next life. The good news is that we are promised an afterlife in the bible, after we finish our experience here in this physical world. The bible describes this place, we are promised as heaven and hell. Some people even describe the bible as being literal, word for word, I am not sure if I agree with that theology.  

The truth is, those people that contributed to writing the holy bible lived during a different time then we do, they did not think like we think. That is why I like to put kind of a logical truth to the parables taught in the bible by using my imagination. Have you ever thought about how your dreams relate to the bible, heaven and hell? Have you ever thought that heaven really is heavenly, like a good dream and so you could imagine the misery of hell, like a nightmare? Oh, I bet you never heard it explained like that before, let me help you understand this point of view. We all know peace in heaven is good and hell is bad right, and we all know that some dreams are good we all want good dreams, and some are bad. We refer to the bad dreams as nightmares, nobody like nightmares and nobody wants to go to hell. Do you see the correlation? Here, I am posing the question, what if dreams are like a movie preview of a place our spirit goes after we pass on to the next life?

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You can look up videos on YouTube of the spirit leaving the body and there is a lot of information online about our spirit transitioning after death. God was sending me a message the other night, to help me realize the truth about the choices I make here and how it effects my spirits destination for eternity. The message portrayed in my dream was, our dreams are like a movie preview and the way we live our lives will determine if our spirits end up in the good dream world or the bad dream world.  

How do you want your eternity? It all depends on you; you determine where you go. Do you like having good dreams or bad dreams? I know where I want my spirit to be, that is why I do my best to make the right choices because I do not want to spend eternity in a nightmare. I want to spend my eternity in a good dream, like the ones you do not want to wake up from. Thank God, God bless America and God bless your country too, we can all be redeemed here on earth by making better choices, taking care of our bodies, going to church, and helping other people that are still making not so good choices.  

We are guided by our dreams, so beware when you have a bad dream. That maybe God trying to tell you something, you might need to change something in your life or make better choices. When you have a good dream, that maybe God trying to send a message that, “you are doing an excellent job,” on a road to heaven or heaven bound, “keep up the excellent work” and your spirit will be accepted into the good dream world, known as heaven or heaven’s paradise because heaven is for real for believers.  

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Consequently, every day is a trial and we are constantly being tested, so always pray to your higher power for strength to make the right choices for your eternity’s sake and your families. I do not understand negative people, that say things like, “I can’t make a difference, I’m just one person,” or “how can I be as successful as that other person,” with a bunch of reasons why they cannot do it and they will never do it, with that bad attitude, but they must understand that their choices and attitude is affecting their current reality and their future generations! The bible says your will be done, it is no one’s will but yours, it is always your choice! So, stay blessed and help others be blessed! Know that God is good with you the same way God is good always with me! God is on your side! God bless you and your family! God bless the USA and God bless all countries! Hope you have nice sweet dreams! For world peace people!

Thanks for reading this article! World Peace! 

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