Daily Success Routine of Success Affirmations with Visualization Exercises to Retake Control of Your Mind Successfully

Daily routine of these powerful success affirmations will help anyone wake up more positive, feel good, and get through the day with a great positive attitude toward life. They will help you be more success in your business, like how they help me in a new # 1 program successfully launched not exceedingly long ago.  First, you cannot listen to the negative programming from something, someone, or from yourself, distracting you on your way to important goals. A strong positive mind is required to accomplish goals and things you need to do. I use these positive visualization techniques with short positive affirmations daily, they will work out your mind, making your brain stronger and more creative by helping it think faster, guiding your brain toward becoming smarter. You will have to practice these techniques daily, to conquer everything that is trying to destroy you and your family from graduating to a brighter future. Break through the virtual paradigm into freedom!

First, I am going to specifically refer to the goal card method. Now I want you to understand that all of the Bob Proctor material is great but here I am typing about Bob’s goal card program. Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is grab my goal cards and read them with my most important goal on it. Like Bob Proctor, Since I learned about this technique back in 2014, I never leave the house without my cards, they are always in my right pocket. I put, cards with an “s” because I have 3 cards, one with my main goal on it and the other two have little pictures of material possessions that I want in my life, they are on business size cards!  

In between working my main Lyft job and my side business, where I show people how they can have a success plan earning extra daily even while they sleep, I think about the success definition using the imagination we were all blessed with and I say these words; “all that is possible to anyone is possible to me, I am successful always, I do succeed, for I am full of the power of success always. For they that believe will it be done on to them, greater works then Jesus for they that believe,” which is straight out of the Bible! I also glance at my goal cards all throughout the day, and just before bed, that is important. You may be thinking that this does not sound like something I want to do, that is why I want to refer you to Bob Proctor’s website for more information on these subjects, he is the expert thinker and explains it better than anyone.  

You can also listen to Kevin Trudeau’s “Your Wish Is Your Command” audio set and read Kevin Trudeau books, to get more insight on these amazing techniques. After I read my goal cards, practice the power of visualization, and quickly think about a few success factors for my new unique all in one successfully operated program that is the first of its kind in the world, then I go in front of the mirror and repeat the success formula out loud before I get to work. Which states; say “your name” you are a child of God and a being God made was never intended for this sort of weak, negative life you are leading, God made you for success not failure, God never made anyone to be a failure, you are perverting the great object of your existence by giving way to these miserable doubts of yourself, of your ability to be what you desire with all your heart to be, you should be a shamed to go out among your associates with a long sad dejected face, as though you were a misfit, as though you lack creative power within, as though you do not have the ability to do what your creator sent you here to do, you were made to express what you long to express, why not do this why not stand and walk like a conquer, like a David who slew Goliath, instead of giving way to discouragement and doubt and carrying on like failure, the image of perfection, the image of your creator lies within you, you must bring it to the center of your conscience thought and express it to the world, do not disgrace your maker by violating that image, by being everything but the magnificent success God intended you to be. This formula is powerful and will help you in visualizing a success vision of yourself. I love to say it before leaving the house, then my day is always successfully great! I believe they are the success key to help you unlock your mind for infinite possibilities!

Success is all around waiting to be attracted:



In the shower I am continuously charging up my mind for success with positive statements such as Thank you God, thank you Jesus, give me peace, giving praise and gratitude to my higher power. By speaking words of faith to the energy all around me, connected throughout the universe, I am drawing in positive energy for a positive mindset which translates into a positive life. By saying, I am a winner, smart, intelligent, creative, funny, infinite intelligent, infinite potential, universal being, spiritual being, I am the best, I surround myself with the best, I love people and use money! I am growing my positive ball of energy bigger and bigger! You will understand the positive ball of energy comment if you listen to “Your Wish Is Your Command” by Kevin Trudeau!  

Remember, you will attract the energy that you are in harmony with, so be aware of your thoughts and what you allow in your mind. Overall, I take advantage of all my spare time, even while I am rinsing off in the shower, I am speaking words of encouragement for a more productive workday! With the phrase; Today I will win, why I will tell you why because I have faith, courage, and enthusiasm. All of these techniques and formulas are connected with my ultimate success plan for a better more productive me! According to Tom Hopkins, by saying it 3 times with energy and excitement, you will be more productive and successful all day. Honestly, practicing these techniques regularly and understanding the principles of personal development, will help you lose all fear and gain the confidence you need to overcome every challenge, period! I really want to see you live the best life possible if you are sincere about this. An important side note is to always replace negative statements with positive statements and speak of your goals as if they are already achieved, by acting, feeling, and visualizing them as often as possible.  

Another thing I do, every time I am drying off after a shower, I speak how I want to think and act, repeating; winner, happy, healthy, wealthy, with a great positive attitude, while connecting them with pictures in my mind, in the now like I already achieved this higher status in my life.  

Then, throughout my day I am listening to positive audios, starting my drive to work with Joel Osteen on Sirius channel 128. I drive for Uber and Lyft transportation and take advantage of my free time by participating in network marketing with an organic hemp botanicals free CBD business with an income opportunity but they also have the worlds best non-CBD products too. in the strategic partner section. I am also a member in an MLM business that pays out huge commissions with the opportunity of a life time to build up extra bitcoin, even from your mobile phone automatically. These 2 network marketing companies are the best opportunities that I have seen in a long time.

I make YouTube videos, create WordPress post, make posts on social media from my laptop, and listen to something positive and do activities that make you feel good, the secret is to make yourself feel good now. Between the activities like going for a jog outside, going to the gym, going to church, and listening to amazon audible personal development audios, I always feel good.  

Success is the best:


Other special techniques that will help you is the persistence formula and the science of getting rich formula! The persistence formula states, a definite purpose back by a burning desire for its fulfillment, a definite plan expressed in a continuous action, a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences, including negative suggestions of relative friends and acquaintances, a friendly alliance with one or more beings who will encourage one to follow through with both plans and purpose.  

The science of getting rich formula states; there is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which in its original state permeates, penetrates, and fills the enter spaces of the universe, thoughts in these substances produces the things that is imaged by the thoughts, beings can form things in their thoughts and by impressing their thoughts upon formless substances can cause the things they think about to be created! Say these formulas daily to develop rich mentalities in your life! For world peace people!

Thanks for reading this article! World Peace! 

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