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When you make a new friend online or in the world, it is important to associate with the right ones. I learned several years ago that you will only be as successful as your closest friends, so I had to really do an important self-evaluation of the friends that I spent most of my time with. That was not an easy time in my life because I had a couple of friends for a season that were not going in the same direction as me, for us to continue the same path together and it was tough to go our separate ways but sometimes in life we have to make those heartbreaking decisions that will make you stronger while heading toward a brighter future! Nobody likes parting with friends that they care for, but you get better because of going through experiences of companionship, pictures, and video help with the grief of those final goodbyes.  

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As time goes by you can always do a friend search to find old friends, because everyone feels better when friends reunite with each other. When you find your friends, you can help each other, learning new things, and grow through challenges together. Consequently, we get stronger from gaining friendships, all the while focusing on upcoming goals we want to accomplish. Like when I reunited with some of my old friends and they referred me to an awesome new program that is helping me reach new goals and making our friendship stronger. Now our # 1 rated program is putting a new meaning to the phrase friends with benefits!

Seriously we need to really focus on the friends definition because it is hard to tell who your real friends are, the friends with the best friends characters who want the best for us, are the one that we need. It is important before we invest to much time into a friendship that we do a quality friendship test in the beginning. But, who are we suppose to trust these days when social media is everywhere, rumors are flying everywhere 24/7 more then ever before. We trust a friend one day and the next day we find out something that we didn’t like about what they said, texted, or did. Maybe we need to take a step back and calm down, get into a new hobbie like I did with my old friendship and find the best way to fill your wallet with extra cash to make you feel better, even while you sleep off what you found out your friend did or said about you.

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It is still okay to take a quick glance in the rear-view mirror at some past lessons as we speed down the mountain of life for a confidence boost about where we were, compared to where we are now with a new friendship definition for the future. It is amazing, if you think about how fast things move and change, is not it, the key is to try your best to figure out what friendship is and adapt to the environment, keeping up with good friend that really care, want to help, and make your life better! So, stay on the right side of life! Stay Successful! For world peace people! 

Thanks for reading this article! World Peace! 

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