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When we make new alliances online, in person, with someone, some group, some organization, locally, maybe from another country, anything is possible now with the worldwide web connections, it is important to associate with the right associates. I learned, about 8 years ago now, when first started studying personal development, that we will only be as successful as our 5 closest friends, 5 to 10 years from now. So, we really must consistently do an important self-evaluation of the friends, associates, allies, that we spent most of our times with. Allies may become enemies, enemies could become allies, vice versa, going all the up the totem pole to groups, organizations, corporations, it is on the most complicated ongoing process, that requires order.

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It is not easy to reevaluate who we want in our inner circle but a critical necessary step to reach higher levels. I had many people for a season who I had to stop communicating with that were not going in the same direction, for us to continue the same path together would have been a bad decision. It was tough to do what had to be done, separating from the groups but sometimes in life we have to make those heartbreaking decisions that will make us stronger, while heading toward a brighter future! Nobody likes parting with people they care about, especially family members. Time heals all wounds, we mourn for a season then bounce back to life again like Sonia Ricotti, who explains it perfectly in her book, “Unsinkable,” watch it at

make yourself feel better, it is your body your feeling. Nobody makes you feel a certain way you do, if we do not want to, we must do it anyway because going through experiences in life is not easy to experience. I like to store a lotta pictures, videos on my laptop, icloud, helping with the grief of the times shared with old acquaintances, to revisit them from time to time, it will make us feel better, feeling better is important.  

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As time goes by you can always do a search to reconnect with old groups, organizations left behind because everyone feels better when we reunite with one another. You may want to find your organizations that you used to do business with, so you can help each other on a different level, learning new things, growing through challenges together. Consequently, we get stronger from gaining new knowledge, all the while focusing on upcoming goals we want to accomplish. Like when I reunited with some old business partners, who referred me to an awesome new program that is helping me reach new goals, making new associations stronger. This # 1 rated program is putting a new meaning to the phrase, “friends with benefits!”

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Seriously, we need to really focus on these principles, with so many things going on from day to day, it gets hard, hard to tell who your real partners are, partners who we can really trust.

The organizations with the best characters, are normally the ones who want the best for us, they are the ones we need. It is important before we invest to much time into a group, we should do a quality test in the beginning. Question is, who are we suppose to trust these days? When social media is everywhere, rumors are flying everywhere 24/7 more then ever before. We trust a friend one day, the next day we find out they said something out of character, did something that we didn’t like. Ruined our day over what they said, texted, or did. Maybe we need to take a step back, calm down, think more before responding, get into better habits like me, with my new holistic training programs, find the best way to make yourself feel better, even while you sleep off what you found out they did, maybe said about you. We should be listening to the perfect sleep meditation, the ones speaking encouraging words to force yourself to think positive, causing us to act more positive!

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It is still okay to take a quick glance in the rearview mirror at some past lessons as we speed up the mountain of life, for a confidence boost, thinking about where we were, compared to where we are now! With new mindsets defining our perfect fairy tale futures. It is amazing, if you think about how fast things move, change, isn’t it, the key is to try your best to figure out what relationships we want to invest our time, adapting to the environments. Remember, keeping up with good associates, that really care, want to help, who make your life better, is key! So, stay on the right side of life, moving with the success stream! Stay Successful! World Peace! 

Thanks for reading this article! World Peace! 

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