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Deep insight from Dr. Wayne Dyer really gave me, a great advice definition for checking myself and making better choices in my life! If you want everything to start getting better, with better things happening in your relationships, live better, and stop pointing your finger at everyone and everything around you. Don’t listen to people whose life is more screwed up than yours, people that say better call saul, when saul’s life is no better yours. Think about what you can do to solve your issues, as long as it is legal, ethical, and doesn’t harm others, in order to live a better life. Getting involved with this amazing networking program is one thing I did to connect with others, build relationships, and solve my debt issue. The opportunity to get involved with bitcoin stocks and grow my bitcoin stock account, is one of the best choices I ever made. 

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A piece of advice when you are networking with other people, is to use “I statements,” when you are confronting someone about something. For example, “I understand why you would feel that way but I think we should…” To become better than the best, replace negative statements with positive ones and speak how you want it to be, not how it currently is, unless it is great. Stop saying, “better luck tomorrow” and say, “better luck today!” My luck today is always amazing now, since I joined the World’s 1st all in one marketing system. This amazing new program has all the educational courses you will need to make it in today’s economy. Try giving life advice on what you want the other person to do, not what they did and always keep it positive! When it comes to advice vs advice write out your goals to better your life. Think about them in the present tense, to think live better days and have better health, knowing that the universe will provide your desires when the time is right. This could be one of those moments now, by visiting:

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Do meditations to bring balance back in your life and remain calm no matter what situation you are in because we know that everything will be alright! When things get out of order, I like to dim the lights, burn some relaxing oils in my diffuser, and play meditation music for about 15 to 30 minutes and then the solution to my problem always materializes. Especially today things seem to be moving faster than ever before, so time outs are important, to get away from our current reality for a while, and bring balance back to your body. Note that you made it this far in life, “congratulations,” you will make it the rest of the way, making it better better better every day, while we are here for each other! Stay blessed! Thanks for reading! Stay Successful! For world peace people! 

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Published by BlogFan Networker I am a single father of a wonderful son who loves his family. Growing up I focused on sports and academics that taught me how to work hard, be loyal, and stay focused. I was fortunate enough to receive two state championships my senior year, one for football and the other for baseball. Today, I still work hard to complete every assignment to the best of my ability. I stayed focus throughout my years in college and faced a variety of situations that helped me experience what the world has to offer, growing pains contributed to growing into a mature, intelligent, intuitive individual. Gym, church, and operating my business from home keeps me busy most the time. The pieces of my life puzzle are coming together as I continue to focus on making better decisions every day. No, I'm not perfect, think or act like I am smarter than anyone else, but I do work on being the best that I can be every day. I also like to help other people get better through personal development channels, even if they are not doing so good today, we always pray for a better tomorrow, better week, better year, a better life and world for everyone including future generations. The best thing you can do in your life is make the world a better place, by providing the best service to as many people as possible, without thinking about compensation because you will always get back what you put out into the universe. One of my hobbies is networking with other likeminded individuals who share secrets to living the best life. Today, I am grateful for all my families’ blessings, and we praise God all the time for the good things that are happening in our lives. We attend church every Sunday because a family that prays together and plays together stays together. Finally, struggles are a fact of life, but with a strong support system we can become stronger by the minute. Hope all your wishes come true, and they will if you can only believe! Thanks for reading! World Peace! Favorite Quote "Whatever the mind can conceive and bring itself to believe will begin at once to unveil itself in the most convenient forms available!" Favorite Books "Think and Grow Rich," "The Magic of Believing," "The Secret," "The Science of Getting Rich."

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